Basics of Tv Installation

When you want to hang a TV on the wall, there are many things to consider. The size of the television and the wall itself are important factors, but so is the position of the screen in relation to the furniture and other elements in the room. It’s also important to think about where you want your cables and whether you’ll use subducting or other means to hide them.

Whether you’re doing the tv installation yourself or hiring an expert, there are some basic steps that every home-owner should know. These include:

Locating a Mounting Place

First, decide where you want your TV to be mounted and mark the spot on the wall with a pencil. Make sure that the TV won’t block any doors or windows, and be careful not to drill through pipes or electrical wires. Next, determine how high you’d like the TV to be hung. A tape measure is useful for this, but a simple eyeball is just as effective. You’ll also need to consider how much sunlight will shine on the TV throughout the day, and how to reduce glare from windows or lights nearby.

Before drilling, you should always use a stud finder to ensure that the bolts that anchor the mount are going into wooden studs rather than brick or plaster. This will keep your walls from cracking or falling down later. The stud finder will also help you avoid drilled into electrical wiring or pipes, which could damage your TV or cause a fire.

Preparing the Mounting Frame

Most TV mounting kits come with a plate that will attach to the back of your television. Depending on the model, this might be covered with plastic or have screws already in it. Remove these and carefully line the mount arm or plate up with the bracket on the wall, following the instructions provided in the kit. Once the two are properly matched, secure them to each other using securing screws or nuts, again as per the instructions provided in the kit.

The last step is securing the TV to the mount. This can be tricky, especially if your mount is heavy, so grab a friend for assistance and proceed carefully. It’s a good idea to view your TV from your usual viewing position once you’re finished and make any necessary adjustments.

Professional Tv Installation

INC will take care of everything, including preparing the mount, installing your TV and running your cables to your signal source. They can conceal these behind the ceiling or wall, or run them through a false ceiling or a cable raceway, depending on your preference.

We offer a variety of flat-screen TV mounts that are compatible with almost any brand of TV. These are available in both fixed and swivel-mount options, with fixed or adjustable heights. Once the mounting hardware is in place, we’ll connect your TV to its signal source and test it for proper functionality and visibility.

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