Agence Google Analytics Paris

De plus en plus des spécialistes du Web ou de la marketing se rendent conscience que Google Analytics n’est pas seulement une aggregateur de données. Il y a toujours des cles de recherche intéressantes pour les utilisateurs et les spécialistes d’analyses, à savoir les personas (visitor types), le choix d’autres paramètres ou encore les différentes formules d’objectifs.

Jellyfish is a digital agency with branches across the world and has partnered with everything from inventive startups to worldwide brands. As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, they can audit and optimize your Google tags, implement data based goals, and create custom reports that will help you understand your visitors and grow your brand!

They offer tailored Google Analytics auditing, consulting, and training. They can also assist you in setting up and configuring your Google Analytics account to get the most out of your data.

R2 Integrated is a Google Analytics expert that connects marketing cloud technology expertise with brand strategy to elevate your business. They specialize in everything from SEO and content marketing, to PPC and conversion rate optimization. They use analytics to track visitor behavior, identify trends, and predict which content will perform best on your site.

Despite the fact that European organizations using Google Analytics can rely on standard contractual clauses (SCC), it is a known fact that this safeguard does not insulate the data transferred to the US from US law enforcement authorities, in violation of fundamental EU law. Until further notice, therefore, any entity wishing to continue to transfer personal data from Europe to the United States for the purpose of enabling them to make use of Google Analytics services must find alternative solutions. Agence Google analytics Paris

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