Add Warmth to Your Home With Runner Rugs

Runner rugs are great for adding warmth to a space. They also complement pre-existing decor and furniture pieces. This world market rug, for example, has a muted floral design that fits any style of home.

Adding a runner rug to your hallways is a good way to show off your taste and style! Here are some reasons why you should consider doing so:

They add color

Runner rugs come in a wide variety of colors. Some are made with attractive single-color palettes while others feature multi-colored patterns like sunburst designs. They can even be striped to complement other rugs in your home.

Hallways and entryways often have a bleak and dreary appearance and can look cluttered when filled with too many items. Many homeowners tend to ignore these spaces as they believe that the available space is too tiny for them to do anything with.

However, simply laying down a brightly colored runner rug may make all the difference in helping your guests make a dramatic entrance and giving them a warm and welcoming welcome. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of styles, from complementary area rugs to luxurious-style rug runners that exhilarate the existing decor and add a touch of luxury to entice your visitors. These rugs also come in various shades like black, ivory and grey, so you can easily find one that suits your space’s overall color scheme and fits into your personal style.

They protect your floors

When placed in entryways, hallways and stairways, runners help to protect hardwood floors. They protect against dings, scrapes and dents caused by people or pets walking over the floor barefoot. Runner rugs also help to hide dust, dirt and other debris.

Runners are great for areas that see a lot of foot traffic and can add color and style to the space. Plus, they are easy to clean. Many washable runner rugs can be rolled up and thrown in the washer.

Due to their long and thin shape, runner rugs can be prone to curling on the edges. This can create a tripping hazard and look messy. To prevent this, consider using a rug pad like Carpet Lock. This is an eco-friendly option that uses natural rubber to grip the rug and hold it firmly in place. It also doesn’t contain any plastics that could cause damage to the floors. It also doesn’t require any glue, making it an even better choice for a hard flooring surface.

They’re easy to clean

Adding a runner rug to your hallway is like giving the area the red carpet treatment. Think of all the movies you’ve seen where a glamorous main character waltzes down a flight of stairs, complemented by a luxurious rug. Hallways are busy transition areas and a runner rug will help your feet feel softer on the cold floors and will make them feel cozy as you walk.

Entryways and passageways can get messy quickly, especially if you have kids or pets. Adding a rug that is easy to clean will save you the headache of trying to spot clean stains and spills when they occur.

To keep your runner rug in tip-top shape, try regularly vacuuming it to avoid buildups of dust, dirt and hair. Also, consider applying a layer of baking soda on your rug runner once a month to absorb and neutralize any unwanted odors. Simply spray the powder on the rug and vacuum it away.

They’re versatile

Due to their narrow width, runner rugs are perfect for smaller areas that aren’t appropriate for larger rugs. They are a simple way to instantly change a long hallway floor, bedroom floor or bathroom from drab and cold to warm and beautiful.

They also come in a variety of colors, textures and patterns to complement existing home décor. For instance, a sisal rug runner offers a natural, neutral look for homes with more traditional décor or you can opt for a flatweave carpet runner for a more casual style.

A runner rug is also a great choice for foyers or entryways. A neutral jute or wool rug will complement pre-existing furniture and make your guests feel welcome when they enter your home. Alternatively, you can choose a vibrant blue or black rug runner to add a pop of color that will catch the eye and create a statement piece. You can even choose nonslip or rug pads to increase safety in high-traffic areas.

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